TBLA can be your virtual general counsel.

This program is ideal for clients who may be reluctant to hire a full-time general counsel as an employee of their company, but who recognize the importance or need for close legal counsel.

As your general counsel, we will be an easily accessible and cost effective resource for ongoing legal advice.

We can gain an understanding of your difficult legal and scientific problems, and explain these in a clear and understanding manner to non-lawyer and non-scientist individuals such as corporate executives, investors, and board members. We can provide regular status updates on all of your legal projects to executive management teams and boards of directors.

For legal problems that are outside of TBLA’s expertise, we will find the most appropriate legal counsel for you. We will monitor and manage all of your legal projects and outside attorneys as part of our Virtual General Counsel Program.

This includes ensuring that attorneys stay within your time and budget restrictions. TBLA can also audit your outside attorney bills on a project-by-project or monthly basis.

TBLA will make regularly scheduled on-site visits to meet with you. We have found that this is the best way to gain a true understanding of our clients’ day to day activities and problems.

This program is customized for each client. TBLA is happy to meet with you to discuss how we can be your general counsel.